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Session Portals

We develop Session Portals for projects (currently mainly in health care and education)  where overview on complex cases of large numbers of therapists is key.

Basic functions of our session portals:

  • possibility to upload large quantities (we currently store more than 30.000 hours) of video
  • user friendly way of uploading, editing and adding meta data and accessing the videos in the portal
  • optimal data security, which means that each user only sees what she/he may see. Outsiders may only see the login screen.
  • clear overview on what is present and on what happens in the portal
  • tailored notifications to those that need notification

Session Portals have their roots in 2006, when in the Netherlands PMTO was introduced in a project between ISII (part of the Oregon Social Learning Center OSLC, USA) and TNO (Dutch Organisation for Applied Scientific Research).

The main reasons for building the original session portal were:

  1. monitoring therapists in training. This monitoring was done across borders: USA based trainers were supervising Dutch therapists doing their therapy after their training sessions.

  2. quality assurance in an evidence based environment. In PMTO and other therapies the therapists are re-qualified each year through the re-certification program. For this program all interactions of the therapists and clients are recorded and entered into the portal for later easy retrieval. Each certification period a therapist must send in a certain amount of videos for certification by a supervisor.

  3. data acquisition for research into effectiveness, cost effectiveness etc.

The current versions are completely built in the safe and secure CMS Drupal.

Session portal variants

Well, more or less standard: each variant will be tuned to your needs.

Session Portal Single Project
Administer cases and sessions with (or without) video in your project. Detailed notifications and clear overviews never let you lose track of what happens in your project.
Session Portal Multi Project
Use the portal for multiple project and give your users fine grained access to exactly what they may see and nothing else. Each project can have its own project manager, with detailed permissions.
Video uploading
All variants come with a standard way of uploading videos. With the TFR Upload tool you can upload videos directly from the SD-card on which you recorded the video, using a low cost video recorder. Optionally, your project members can also upload using an iPad with our specially developed App which records and uploads to the right position in the portal.