Whenever a user switches the language during a survey, (s)he is presented the new language after that. So far, so good. But.... in the results table of LimeSurvey only the startlanguage is stored, not the language that you change to. We ran into... more
In 2016 we developed an App for recording video, storing the video in a separate compartment (so it is not visible in the camera roll) and on demand uploading the video to our secure video hosting portal. At that time getting it to work functionally... more
More than 40.000 people have filled in the Dutch decent Work survey (Gewoon Goed Werk-Meter), compiled by FNV, the largest Dutch worker's union. All these people have received an instantly made personal report on their opinion on their working... more
As it turned out, the PDF output from LimeSurvey has a lower quality then what we expected. We wanted something better, but writing a plugin for LimeSurvey was not what we wanted. We feared it would bring in too many restrictions and we wanted... more
During the development of our iPad recording and uploading app, we needed a way to mount the iPad on a tripod. We found one. With the possibility to use an external microphone and, even more important for recording in small rooms: a wide angle lens... more
Hosting of applications always raises questions of safety and security, especially in these times where prying eyes are everywhere. In this white paper we give insight in our hosting strategies. Hosting of normal websites/web applications Whenever a... more
Introduction In 2006 we started in the Dutch PMTO project with recording videos (at that time on Sony mini-DVD cameras) and selectively putting them online via the Dutch Broadcasting Organisation (NOB). Online videos were viewed for translation and... more