Apple iPad App for recording & uploading

In 2015 we developed an iPad App for recording and uploading sensitive video data. This App is currently used recording therapist - client interactions in health care situations. All videos are stored on our secure video servers for later viewing and download.

Several of our customers (in health care and universities) record videos for quality assurance and for educational purposes. Until recently this was only possible using commercially available camcorders which record on an SD-card. Using out upload software, customers could upload the recordings securely to our video storage servers.

The iPad app offers better user experience and more security: no more SD-cards that can get lost. Furthermore uploading is much easier, since it does not require extra divices. All is done from the iPad.

This iPad app is now available for customers that use our session portals, but if you have need for an application like this, we will gladly develop a version for you!

Technical details: 

xCode on Apple iPad