Tools for Research

Online surveys & reports
Clear and user friendly online questionnaires with adequate data export and custom printing and reporting to make the life of you, as a professional in research much easier!
Session Portals
Keep track of client interactions in your project(s). Store video information about sessions and share details with project members. Detailed notifications and clear overviews never let you loose track of what happens in your project.

What do we focus on?

1. Focus on the user

The users of our systems are the most important people. You define our success.

2. KISS: Keep it super simple!

Clarity and usability are up front.
We strive not to have to make user manuals, our systems should explain their own use.

3. Structured and flexible

We work according to a plan.
But we know that during developments plans may change. We are flexible.

4. Safe & secure

Data safety is our highest priority.
This means that threats from the outside are stopped adequately. We deploy the highest safety measures in our field. Our servers consequently score a very high note on the Qualys SSL-Labs website.

Next to safety we stand for reliability: we do our utmost best to have the highest availability possible, given the budget.

Want to know more? Read all about it on our page on Hosting & Security 

5. Open source

We work with Open Source software where and when possible. This way we avoid expensive licenses and we can use the power of developer's communities.

For the technically interested: we mainly work with PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Drupal and Limesurvey.